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Surgery Postponed

My surgery has been postponed. I went to preadmit yesterday and during that time several things popped up that are going to change my surgery date.

First, a medication I was taking will interact negatively with the anesthesia even though I have discontinued use for 7 days. I need to be off the medication for at least 14 days.

Second.. due to the insurance I selected during open enrollment ( I chose the least expensive) was not the best option. I found out yesterday that my out of pocket expenses for just the hospital portion will be 7600.00 dollars. IThis does not include the surgeons fees or anesthesia. This is certainly a huge chunk of money. Huge.

I am not prepared to move forward on the surgery for the above reasons plus a few more.

Back to taking the motrin for now.


lulugal11 said...

Wow that is certainly a large amount to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in.

I thought my prepay amount was large...but yours is ridiculous.

Here's praying that the surgery goes well and you recover easily and do not have complications.

Lisa said...

Hi LuLugal,

Thanks for the well wishes. I agree the out of pocket is a huge amount... will definitely remember this when re enrollment comes back around.

sabakose said...

Wow ... that's a ton of money to have to pay WITH insurance - eeek!! Glad you caught all of this .. as you were there and ready to be operated on. I hope you'll get everything figured out sooner than later! :-)