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Walgreens has seen me more this week than in the last two months. Yesterday while I was searching for halloween mark downs I saw that the Walgreens diapers are BOGO for 8.99.

Why the sudden interest in diapers? My daughter and her husband are expecting!! Yoo Hoo!!
So...I went to Walgreens again after work yesterday. I still have the coupons from the tri fold coupon flyer "50 dollars in great savings, A thank you gift from Walgreens".

So. after the BOGO price of 8.99 and the subtraction of 4.00 for the coupon (the register gave me a two credit for each bag of diapers even though I only had one coupon) the final price was 5.53. Not bad for two packs of diapers. I will be going back today!

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