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New Year: Motivation!

2009 is here and now is the time for goals and resolutions. I am a bit late in posting my goals for 2009, but in fact my goals are basically the same for every year.

1. Reduce or eliminate debt.

This is always a goal. For the most part it is attainable. This year (2008) saw some changes such as my husband being laid off of work. I also took a 7% pay cut at my job. A pay cut is much better than getting laid off. With the reduction in income, the path to becoming debt free has become a little bit longer. I still have some furniture to payoff. This was a buy now and pay later deal, which is never the best thing to do. Anyway... I only owe 700 dollars and the payoff date before accruing all the interest is in May 2009. I will get this paid off in about 3 months. Next is my charge card. This balance fluctuates or floats around 1900.dollars. I pay it down a bit, and then I add something to it. Definitely must pay this off this year.

My husband has a CC that he tends to use a bit too freely. At least in my opinion. His balance is around 4000.00 dollars. Yep, that is a lot of debt. We are rarely on the same page when it comes to money management. I do not know what to do. I could pay off his debt this year..... but as soon as I do... I know he will charge it back up. History tends to repeat itself at this house. The other debt is the mortgage.

I will attempt to add additional payments through out the year. My goal is to at least add an additional 1000.00 dollars in payment towards the balance.

2. Improve Health.

Both me and my husband are overweight and out of shape. His doctor told him at his last visit that he MUST lose at least 40 pounds. The extra weight is affecting his blood pressure as well as his heart. The high blood pressure is causing a thickening of the heart wall muscle.. not a good thing.

The same doctor told me to loose 100 pounds. Yep, that is a lot of weight to get rid of. I do not have high blood pressure, or any other complications from the extra weight right now so I do not really need to wait around for the problems to start.

To improve our eating habits, I have given away the snacks and junk food that we are so fond of. No more chips, Little Debbies, cinnamon rolls, Coca Cola...... all gone. Better quality food is taking their place. Fresh fruits and vegtables are in the frig and Salads are a big part of our menus.

Of course there are other things that we can improve on this year. But keeping an eye on our finances and improving our health are the top priorities.

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