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Uncomfortable Changes!

The new owners our our imaging facilities are definitely making big changes. The largest center has had extended hours and an abundance of technologists. As of yesterday, that is definitely changing! The new owners have cut the back on the schedules of the rooms. The times available are drastically reduced. This action is now forcing the four sonographers to figure out a new work schedule. Two of the ladies will only be getting 32 hours... and the other two.. will not get but about 24, if that.

Other modalities in that particular center are also experiencing the same changes. Fewer hours available for an abundance of techs. This is going to suck for them.

Right now, our center is still on the same schedule. We are not top heavy in techs, we only have one for each modality. Granted... our center is not that busy.. but I am praying to still get my 40 hours.

There is a problem. The girls at the other center that are facing cutbacks are wanting to alter my work hours!! Are you kidding me! I need my hours just as much as they need them. The techs want to rotate through my US room so that they will get at least 32 hours and of course that will cut back hours to 32 a week. This situation absolutely sucks. The girls at the other center are dear friends. They are like sisters... and this whole situation is going to turn into one big catfight before it is all over!!

The techs are having to adjust the schedules themselves... the manager will not get involved. Wuss. I have already spoken to my manager to give her the heads up. She says she has my back.

You know... if the situation was reversed and it was me that needed the 32 hours to get benefits.. I don't think that they would be able to do the same for me. Oh well,,, I cannot wait to see what Monday brings.

This is a big dilemma....so... I have updated my resume... just in case.


Michelle said...

As a manager myself, your manager SHOULD be involved. I don't understand a whole bunch of people just deciding who should work what without some guidance, approval, or feedback from a supervisor.

Thinking of you as you deal with this, and sure hope you make it through with your hours, and patience, intact! :)

Kristen said...

That all stinks Lisa. It sounds like you need to get tough too and fight for your own hours, and working space.

Personally, I'm in the opposite position. I would like to work less hours but there aren't enough dependable people in my office so I can't even imagine my boss allowing me to be there even less. Then who would she count on?

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle,,

Thanks so much for your input. I am confident that my manager will fight for my hours.. (as will I).

And the whole "let everyone work it out among themselves" is a big cop out from the other manager at the other center. Those type of decisions are that of a manager... not a tech.

Lisa said...

Hi Kristen..

I appreciate your positive thoughts and wishes. I am praying it will all work out for all of us. But I will stand my ground.

That being said.. if things do not work out (if I am cut to 32) I will still have to pick up a pool (on call) position to make up the difference.

Paula said...

This all sounds so stressful. I hope things get better. My son in law just got laid off this week. So we have my daughter, son in law with no jobs living with us. My uncle, brother and sister have been laid off and I of course got a job after seven months unemployment. We live in Elkhart, IN area and we have the highest unemployment rate in the country right now. Things are so tough right now.

Mamaoftwins said...

Ugh, so stressfull is right! Things are tough.Im so sorry your going through this.

We're starting a challange on February 9th to see how much money we can save for that week by using what we already have in our pantries, freezer, and fridge. We'll going to see how long we can go without going to the grocery store! Gulp! We would love for you to join us :)

Tara said...

Good Luck, I hope it all tuns out well for you.

Lisa said...

Hi Paula,

You do have a very full house!! I know having all those people moving back in with you can be very stressful!! But what else can you do? Family is family. Don't let the stress stop you and your diet, okay?

Lisa said...

Hi Mamma..

Thanks for your kinds thoughts! Your upcoming challenge sounds very interesting! Let me check my pantry first before I commit! Might have to run to the store real quick..:)

Lisa said...

Hi Tara...

Thanks so much for the well wishes. I do appreciate it!

Lisa said...

Hi Mamma..

Thanks for your kinds thoughts! Your upcoming challenge sounds very interesting! Let me check my pantry first before I commit! Might have to run to the store real quick..:)