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Baby Shower Update

The baby shower that I had for my daughter was a big success. We had about 45 people in attendance and everyone had a great time! My best friend and her daughter helped with the food and the cake and the decorations. I definitely could not pull this off by myself.

Here is a picture of the cake that my daughter's best friend made for her. She spent a lot of time on this cake and it turned out beautiful. As I said before, my daughter's theme was trucks, cars, etc. No animals or fu-fu stuff for her.

The decorations were primary colors and Tonka Trucks. Needless to say it was a very bright and colorful room!

We had lots of games at the Baby shower. We had Guess the Baby Food. This is where have about 10 jars of baby food, remove the label and leave the lid in place. Each person has to guess what is in the jar just by what it looks like. The one that everyone missed, is Buttternut Squash.

Below is a picture of guests playing "Guess the dirty Diaper". For this game, you get about a dozen diapers, and a dozen different types of candy bars. You take about a half piece of the candy bar, place it in the diaper and melt it in the microwave. When you smoosh it it looks like baby poo!

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