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A Busy Week

This past week has been a week of rest and recovery. The baby shower that we had for my daughter was a great success.....but I think it took me all week to get back to normal. I went to my daughter's home mid week to check out all the great things she got for the baby. There was only a few duplicated items... which will go back and along with a gift card, she will be able to get a pack and play.

My hubs has helped with the shopping and of course he did get everything on the list, but I know realize that when I shop, I tend to get things not on the list. Usually visual reminders of what I forgot to put on the list. Needless to say, I as starting another list. I will be going back for a few items this weekend.

The countdown has begun for my shoulder surgery. The surgery is scheduled for next Friday. I have a great deal of confidence in my surgeon and I am looking forward to getting full use of my dominant arm in the very near future.

Budgeting is about the same. The monthly bills are under control. I will have out of pocket costs with the surgery. but with my new insurance my deductible will only be 1500.00 which is far better than the 7500.00 is was going to be with my old insurance. I will be out of work for about 2 weeks, and that is about all the Personal Time off I have.

Work is about the same. We are all cut back to 32 hours per week and I don't know if that will be changing at all. For some reason, I doubt that we will get back to the 40 we were use to.

I have a feeling that while I am off recovering that I will definitely be more attentitve to my budget and changes will be made in the future regarding my employment. I need the 40 hours... but I like just working 32 hours. I do enjoy the half days off. :)


Paula said...

Good luck on the surgery. No one wants it but once it is done hopefully you will be back to normal.

Lisa said...

Hi Paula!

Thanks for the well wishes.I am looking forward to "normal"!