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November Goals....One Week Late

A week late in posting goals for this month, I guess is better than not posting any goals at all! Here are a few of the things I want to accomplish this month.

1. Spend less on groceries. In order to accomplish this, I will attempt to plan out a weekly menu, coordinating with the weekly flyers and what I already have on hand. I try to budget about 500.00 dollars per month, and I would like to save 100.00 this month. So far this month I have already spent 67.00 dollars...... Gonna be tight People!!!

2. Reduce my electric bill by continuing to hang clothes outside, and on my Ikea drying rack for inside drying. Currently my bill is on the average billing plan, and I am obligated to pay about 176.00 per month. My bill is up for re evaluation every 3 months, so I want to work on lowering that.

3. Start shopping for Christmas. I am going to budget (for right now) about 500.00 dollars. Is that a lot? It might be.... but I like to get giftcards for most of the adults in my family because I don't really know what else to get them that they will use.

4. Start listing some items on Ebay that I no longer use. My goal is to net a profit of 200.00 this month.... I better get started on that right now!!

That is all I can think of for now. I am sure there is more, but I will keep track of these goals for you and you can follow along and see how I do!

Oh yes.... I forgot. I need to budget in Thanksgiving Dinner too! Oh Dear!

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