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Cash and Carry

Yesterday, I went to the bank and withdrew 460.00 dollars to use the next two weeks.  I have to say, it is a little intimidating to use cash for all my purchases.  I have been using my  debit card or my Marriott Rewards CC  for so long, that I guess I have become financially lazy.  By using the debit card and or the Marriott Rewards CC, I gave up control of my fiances and was not accountable for my financial actions to anyone but me.

The majority of my monthly bills were paid with this paycheck.  Cable, Cell Phone, House Phone, Auto Insurance, and Gym Membership.  Next Paycheck will cover Electric and Water.

Yesterday, we went out to dinner at Olive Garden.  I had 31.00 dollars in gift cards to use, and with tip the bill was 43.00 dollars.  Cash used: 13.00 dollars.  We then went to see the play "The Crucible" at a downtown theater, the price for two tickets was 36.00 dollars.  We also bought a bottle of water for 2.00 dollars.  I had never seen "The Crucible" or read the book.  I had to "Google" it to see what it was all about. We had a great time for not a lot of money.

Yesterday, I also went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  The total was 58.00 dollars and I paid cash.  I now have 340.00 left until my next payday.  I will keep 140. 00 dollars for groceries, 40.00 dollars for entertainment, 40 dollars for personal care, 40.00 dollars for spouse.  That leaves me with 80.00 dollars unaccounted for.  Since I am just getting use to using cash only, I will leave that for backup.... just in case I did not plan well.  I will strive NOT to use it and apply it to debt, but we shall see.


Sharon said...

That is exactly how I did my Spend Less Mos. in July, which made me so very conscious of my spending. And doesn't it feel wonderful that you went out, and the bill won't follow you home??

It sounded like a great evening! I'm so happy that you will be taking this journey with me. It's much more fun to do it with someone else! As soon as I get paid on Friday, I will be dispursing the cash and leaving the rest alone.

Jane said...

It looks like you've covered all of your expenses. I know it seems like a lot of cash to have on hand - but it will find places to go. I find I am much more frugal and conscious with cash than I am with debit/credit card.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

It is a great feeling to not charge!! I am certainly looking forward to seeing how all of us will do :)

I am hoping that the cash will last!!