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St. Augustine Florida Mini-Vacation

Castillio De San Marcos
We are taking a mini-trip to St. Augustine Florida this weekend.  Is it a spur of the moment decision? If yesterday is spur of the moment, than yes, it is a spur of the moment decision.  My daughter and her husband are celebrating their anniversary and this is where they wanted to go.  Not wanting to be left behind, we are meeting them there this evening. 

How am I going to cut costs on this little adventure?   
  • First of all, we are using my Marriott Rewards points for our accommodations.  This will save us over $100.00.  
  • The site we chose has "free" breakfast.  Savings here will be $15.00 to $20.00.  (We like to eat)  
  • Next, I have packed a cooler with bottled water, Powerade, juice and Soda.  I am also packing a few snacks.   
  • Dinner will also be free.  We have gift cards for Carrabba's  and Chili's.  
  • My son is house sitting for us, this saves us from putting the dogs in a kennel while we are gone.  They hate the kennel.  
Here is what I will be spending money on:
  •   Fuel.  Roundtrip is about 250 miles.  That will be about 3/4 a tank of a gas, roughly $40.00 dollars. 
  • Ghost Tour of St. Augustine.  $24.00 for two people.  Purchasing ahead of time saved us $4.00. We will be doing this tonight.
  • Trolley Tour (daytime) of St. Augustine to include admission to Old Jail, Oldest Schoolhouse, Fountain of Youth, and St. Augustine Museum.  The trolley runs all day and you can get on and off whenever you need to.   Per person $39.00 with pre-purchase discount of $4.00 per person
  •  Admission in to the Old Fort.  $7.00 per person.  
  • Anything I may have forgot. 

Our visit will be brief. We are returning home tomorrow evening. It is a quick trip and we are going to cram in as much as we can.  This is not our first visit to St. Augustine, but more like our 20th.  It is definitely one of our favorite places to go to.  We never get tired of it. (as you can probably tell)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog said...

Have fun in St. Augustine - I'm headed for alaska.

CentsToSave said...

Thanks! And have a blast in Alaska!

Niki said...

I love St. Augustine. When I was in high school we used to skip school, err... I mean... well anyway we would go down there for the day.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

CentsToSave said...

I see... an "unofficial field trip" eh?? Thanks Niki!

Carla said...

Sounds great!! Can I be a 3rd wheel?! ;)

Marie at FamilyMoneyValues said...

We went to St. Augustine years ago when the boys were in grade school - as part of our Florida trip. We loved it, we also went to Cypress Gardens, Miami, Disney World and a few other places. Now I want to go back!!!!

Jane said...

That is MY kind of trip - economical, lots of savings and lots of history to boot! Have a wonderful time!

Untemplater said...

Love your spontaneity. Those are some neat pics of St. Augustine too. It looks like the perfect place for a quick and fun getaway. Nice job on your list of savings! -Sydney

SB @ Onecentatatime said...

Now a mother in law on a anniversary vacation is not a good thing...I hope you gave them enough priacy

Thefrugaltoad said...

We lived in Orlando and stayed in St. Augustine for a weekend. I remember having a great meal in a French Restaurant there. The fort is a pretty amazing site.