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End of October

It is another beautiful Saturday morning, and I have been up for a couple of hours enjoying the peace and solitude.  I love having this time to myself.  It is when I can relax and recharge.

October is just about gone and it is time for me to update my debt reduction for the month.  Over all, we did okay.  We were able to apply 936.00 dollars to our combined debt.  I paid 291.00 dollars towards my credit card.  This included 91.00 dollars from my sales on  Amazon Now... if I would have been able to keep my grocery shopping in check last week, I know I could have put at least another 100.00 towards my debt.  Cash only.... no Debit Card and I will be fine.  We were also able to apply 645.00 dollars to my husband's credit card as well. 

Today, the new AT&T U-Verse cable is going to be installed.  I am very excited about that.  The savings of close to 80.00 will be added to our debt reduction... ( maybe it will go for a Christmas Fund for the next two months).    Have not called the cell phone company to see if there are ways to reduce my cell phone bill, maybe this weekend I can get to that.

We will be going to our daughter's house tomorrow evening to take our grandson  trick or treating.  They are dressing him up like a vampire.  Not my choice... but I am sure he will be adorable. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your grandson will be a cute vampire! I don't know what mine will be dressed like; he's too young for candy.

We switched to U-Verse and are very happy with it; it's a lot better than Time Warner!

Jane said...

Sounds like a good deal on U-Verse and a great way to create better cash flow for debt reduction. Most people would just fritter it away without knowing where the extra $$ went. I seriously need to start whittling away at my utilities etc - I'm sure there are ways to decrease their cost. Just requires a little effort.

Maureen said...

I love that time in the morning when I can enjoy some me time, unfortunately we are all morning people so the opportunities are getting less and less.

I.m sure he will be a cute little Vampire, I,m not sure what my 3 are going to be dressing as, because this is going to be hangover day for all parents, serves them right.

Well done with the debt repayments, you are doing an awesome job.

KNS Financial said...

Wow, you really were able to put a serious dent in your debt! Between your planned grocery savings and the lower cable bill, this will look even better next month!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Thanks Kaleef! I am working on it!