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5 Uncommon Uses for Common Household Items

There are many ways to use common items in some not-so-common ways. Here are just a few I found: 

1. Visine: Visine doesn`t just get the red out of itchy red eyes, it will also take the red out of a blemish. Apply a little Visine to a stubborn blemish and let dry before applying make up.

2. Popsicle Sticks: 1. Use a wet popsicle stick to apply caulking. 2. Use them as garden markers. Write the type of seeds you have planted on the stick with permanent marker and push into soil.

3. Borax: 1. One part Borax with 6 parts kitty litter will keep the litter box fresh longer. 2. Mix 1/4 cup of Borax to a sink full of hot water to get your china sparkling clean. (Be sure to rinse properly before use)

4.  Hair spray: 1. Spray hair spray on freshly polished brass or copper pieces to prevent tarnishing. 2. To remove fresh ink or dye stains on fabric, spray with hair spray and then blot.  Wash as soon as possible.

5.  Tea Bags: 1. Apply wet tea bags to burns or scrapes to ease the pain. (Chamomile is best as it is more soothing than regular tea) 2. Plants will thrive when watered with weak tea one every week or two.

 resource:  Gomestic.com


Budget Confidential said...

I can't wait to try out the tea/plant watering idea. My poor plants could use a boost with the lack of sunlight they get in the winter.

Jane said...

The hairspray on ink stains I've used for years but the rest are new to me. I frequently have leftover tea so will try that one out and anything that can help kitty litter smell good longer I'm a fan of!! Good tips! Visine on a blemish - go figure!

Everyday Tips said...

I had no idea about the visine, but it makes sense.

I also use Borax for household cleaning (I don't have a kitty).

Hairspray for ink stains if the BEST!

Maureen said...

I always add borax to my Litter try, I think it was my mum told me it helped eliminate smells.

Hairspray on ink stains ??? just imagine what it does to your hair !!!