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Budget BREAKdown

Here is a breakdown of our budget.  It is a constant work in progress.  

ME:   BI-WEEKLY NET: 1300.00  MONTHLY INCOME:  2600.00
HIM:  WEEKLY NET:       500.00   MONTHLY INCOME  2000.00

Our income can fluctuate.  Hubs will get overtime.  Me... on occasion, I do get overtime but not that often.  This is the basic breakdown of our budget... adjustments are always being made.

These monthly bills are pretty stable.  The electric bill does fluctuate, but I am currently on the average billing plan, so I do not get any surprises in the summer when the temp is 95 degrees. 
I have 4 cell phones on my plan... maybe by next year I can get that down to three cell phones. Everything is pretty self explanatory. 

TITHE:    650.00
HOUSE:  870.00  
ELEC:     187.00
CELL:     209.00 (4 PHONES)
CABLE:  120.00
CAR IN  126.00
PHONE:   40.00
WATER:  20.00 

The following are expenses that occur through out the year.  The money is automatically deducted from our checking accounts and deposited to our ING accounts. Our insurance changed at work (again) and we no longer have access to an FSA account.  In lieu of that, I am automatically deducting 100.00 per month to offset any medical expenses not covered by our insurance.  This will also cover co-pays and deductibles. 

Christmas did me in last year.  It is now part of our yearly budget.  Another category  I had to include is Gifts.  This will cover birthdays, showers, and so on.  Already this year I have been invited to two Baby showers!  Family Birthdays are starting up in February....

We do not escrow our taxes and insurance with our mortgage.  I wish we did, it would be easier.  So we have to fund that category every year as well. 

We have two dogs, and dogs have upkeep expenses. Shots, Flea drops...   Another category that we need to fund.

FSA          100.00
XMAS       80.00
TAXES      84.00 
INS          100.00
AUTO      200.00 
PETS         50.00 
GIFTS       50.00
I hate paying tolls to drive to and from work.But, if not, I would spend a lot of time sitting in traffic burning fuel and not moving.  So I pay the stupid tolls.  Yeah... I really hate them.   

TOLLS              80.00
personal             85.00
SAVINGS         50.00
GYM                 50.00

I still tend to blow my grocery budget every month.  That cuts into our eating out budget... so I guess it is covered.  Entertainment is necessary.  We don't always spend this, and I still need to figure in a category for clothes.
GROCERY        500.00
EAT OUT           200.00
ENTERTAIN     100.00 
I need to get my credit card payment to at least 1000.00 dollars.  I am 301.00 dollars short of that monthly goal.
TOTAL:             3901.00 
CC PAY:            699.00            


Maureen said...

Excellent budgeting you seem to have covered most if not all areas, possibly putting snowflakes and overtime into debt would bring you to the figure you would like to pay ?

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Hi Maureen,

Definitely we will be using overtime for debt repayment. Any and all excess will be applies to debt.

Frugal in Florida said...

Whew...that's a tough budget! I see you live in Florida and I'm going to guess possibly midstate based on your tolls? I'm lucky that I live fairly close to work, take the scenic drive down A1A as it takes just as long but a lot nicer view! Good job allocating all the dollars ... still working on mine!