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Our Four Legged Princess

/This is Princess.  She is a Victorian Bulldog.  She belongs to my oldest son J, but he is not in a position to take care of her, so we are caring for her until he gets back on his feet.   Princess is a very loving dog, with a great disposition and patience. 

Most of this weekend was about Princess.  Saturday was bath time for the dogs.  We have an outside shower that comes in very handy for just such occasions.  For the most part, Princess likes the shower and handles it pretty good.  After her shower  bath, she is towel dried and then we use the hand held hair dryer to finish up the job. 

Today, I took Princess to Petco get her shots ( from a mobile vet service) and to get her nails clipped.  The mobile vet service charged 65 dollars for the following:

SDP Super Dog Pack

6 in 1
Heartworm Test
Now, it took myself the the vet tech to lift Princess up on the table to get her shots.  She is a pretty solid dog, and weighs about 60 pounds.  After we got her on the table, Vet tech told me to stand in front of the table so Princess could see me.  Then the Vet (with the vet tech holding Princess) attempted to get a blood sample.  It took all the strength the vet tech had to hold her on that table when the needle went in!  She was not happy at all!  After blood was drawn and shots administered, Princess was happy to get off the table and head home. 

But..... we first had to stop at the groomers (located in the store) to get her nails clipped.  This time there was no vet tech to hold Princess.  It was me and the groomer....... and Princess.  I sat on the floor, against the wall, and held Princess in my lap....while the groomer clipped her nails.  Luckily the groomer is quick because Princess is freakin strong!!  Minimal bruising to my inner thighs was noted and Princess was given a treat for a job well done.
Another 10.00 dollars for the groomer and Princess is done!!  And so am I.


Maureen said...

That,s one gorgeous dog, I can see where she gets her name from.

Budget Confidential said...

How cute! My dogs (greyhounds) aren't real big fans of getting their nails done, either.

Mandi said...

I will have to remember not to show my husband her picture or he will just fall in love! So cute!