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Money Saving Monday Week 5 The Saved Quarter Challenge

Happy Monday Everyone!  It is week 5 of The Saved Quarter Challenge and time to report on the progress thus far.  I am in between  pay periods ( paid bi-weekly) and my husband gets paid every week.  His checks are below  ( down 40%) due to the fact that we are experiencing very mild weather.  He is an HVAC tech and  when  there are no service calls, there are no hours.  Currently we able to pay our bills, but paying extra is not yet an option.  When the Florida heat kicks in, watch out!  He will be getting his regular hours and more!

We were able to add to our  online  savings  sub-accounts at ING from my husband's account.
$50.00 - Auto upkeep
$10.00 -  Christmas
$5.00  -   Other gifts
$5.00  -  Pet upkeep
$70.00       Total

I also redeemed my max amount of Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks last week.  

This month I redeemed $25.00 in Amazon gift cards and last month I also redeemed $25.00 in Amazon gift cards.  That gives me $50 towards Christmas presents for this year. By the end of the year, I will have $300 in Amazon gift cards.  This is going to help so much in my $500 Christmas Challenge.
I have started acquiring a few gifts for Christmas, and I will post about that later this week.

Hope you all have a great week!


jpkittie said...

that is awesome! I have about 760 swagbucks right now... waiting to hit the 900(?) to get my 2 $5 amazon cards ;)

Sharon said...

Hmmmmm, I have 203 swagbucks..slow coming....

I'm kind of psyched about earning these gift cards to go towards Christmas presents...I just wish I had known about them a long time ago!

I think you are the only one experiencing "mild" weather!

grace said...

Great job I am slowly working on my swag bucks. Do not go on there enough.

grace said...

I enjoy your blog and am awarding you the stylish blog award. You can pick it up over at my blog http://couponloversunite.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger-award.html
hope that you will accept and let me know when you have passed it on so I can see who you have chosen.

Mandi said...

Nice job with the Amazon cards! I know I redeemed for 1, but I need to get the others before the month is over and get those 'stashed'! Thanks for that reminder!

Jane said...

Wow - that's amazing with Amazon. I need to look into that. That's over half of your Christmas budget.

The Saved Quarter said...

I love how your $50 Christmas is coming along! I am crazy about Swagbucks, too. Having the widget on the blog has been great for me - referrals have been a really good source of bucks, along with MegaBucks Fridays.