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Money Saving Monday Week 11 The Saved Quarter Challenge

It is actually Monday and I am posting my weekly update on time.  Barely.  So what is new for week 11 of the  Saved Quarter Challenge?  

We are holding our own financially.  My husband has not had as much overtime as we have hoped for.  In fact, due to the almost perfect weather, he barely gets his forty hours.  No service calls, no work.  But, the heat of summer will be here soon enough and it is great to be able to enjoy this perfect weather.  There has been an adjustment in my hours as well.  I have gone from 40 hours to about 37 hours per week. It will be fine..... I would prefer the 40 hours, but you take what you can get these days.

Our Credit Card Balance last week was 12,883
Our Credit Card Balance this week is    12,866  (+27.00 dollars)

There is no news regarding the Short Sale house.  Several words come to mind when I even think of this subject.  Most are not ones I use often.  But this ordeal has been going on since Dec 2010...... and my vocabulary has grown exponentially, even if only in my mind.  I should probably work on having more positive thoughts about this experience.

I have blown my grocery budget for the month.  The only reason for that is I was not monitoring my spending.  I am going to make all attempts to use what I have on hand until the end of the month.  Which is not that far away, so it should be fine.  Next month, I will have to be more vigilant with my grocery money.  

I am still looking for part time employment to supplement my full time job.  If in the process of looking for part time employment I am able to find a wonderful super duper full time job, I would not hesitate to take it.  But for now, I will be happy to find a part time job.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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The Saved Quarter said...

Good luck finding a part time job! I hope the employment situation picks up and you guys get back on even footing soon.

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Thanks Penny! It is tough to find a part time job that is compatible to my full time job, but I am not giving up!

jpkittie said...

good luck finding the part time job!

what a pain that the short sale is still 'pending'!

Niki said...

It sounds like everyone is over in their grocery budget this month. March is for eating , I guess.
Good luck in finding part time or awesome full time employment.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you in both job and house fronts.

laura said...

Good luck finding a part time job!

We've overspent our grocery budget too..there must be something in the air :)

Jane said...

Well I suppose developing a fuller vocabulary means the short sale experience hasn't been a total loss lol! What an ordeal! Like you we'll be eating what we've got and hoping to get through til the end of the month!

Sharon said...

Overspending in March seems to be catchy. Let's hope for a more positive April! :)!

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