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Happy Friday!

I have just finished redeeming two of my AMAZON gift cards from my SWAGBUCKS account.  Tomorrow I can redeem one more and I will have successfully accrued another $25 dollars in my AMAZON account.  The total amount in my gift card account is about $140.00 dollars.  Not too bad for searching on the internet.    It was a close month regarding SWAGBUCKS, I have not been on the computer as much, which might be a good thing.  Also, AVON has kept me pretty busy time wise.

We are getting ready for "Mother's Day and my grandson's 2nd Birthday Party this weekend.  We are going to have a combined party, which will be nice.  Everyone will be coming over here for a cookout and water fun for the kids.

Short Sale:  it's a nightmare.  an ongoing nightmare.  But I am not going to let it mess up my weekend!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!

1 comment:

babybluewater said...

Good for you! I love swagbucks and I enjoy watching those points add up. Have a nice weekend :)