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Finding a Routine

I think things  are settling down a bit around here.  Tomorrow I go to the part time job to train.  I originally took every Monday off this month to get things around the new house.  So much for that idea.  As is typical for me, I am rethinking the second job.  It is a on call position  so every other weekend nights I will be required to drive to the hospital in the middle of the night.  Perhaps numerous times.  When we were at the old house, the distance was about 12 miles.  Not a biggie.  Now the distance is 25 miles and takes me about 35 minutes.  So, if I am called out 3 times in one shift, I will be driving close to 150 miles in one night.  That will suck. But.... on the other hand, it will be financially rewarding.  From previous experience, at 4 in the morning, after being up all night... I did not  care one bit about the money.  All I wanted was to be in my own bed. Yeah.... I know.  I may have bitten off more than I can handle.  Typical.

On the other hand, I have decided to put AVON on the back burner.  Most of my customers are at my soon to be former employer.  And to tell the truth... I did not make that much money.  Whew..... there, I confessed.  I feel a little better.

This week, we are signing the lease to rent our former house.  I still have to put a lease agreement together. That is becoming harder and harder to do.  I keep changing the agreement, and updating it.  Making a mistake on that could be costly, to say the least.

I really wish I had tomorrow off.

~~~~ UPDATE~~~~  I resigned my pool position.  Money is not everything.  So often I forget that. 

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babybluewater said...

You are right, money is not everything. You have to do what is right for you :)