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A List Of Things To Do

Things are slowing down around here but I still have a few things to tackle.  My goals for this weekend are to:

1.  Recalculate my Budget:  Since the move, I have NOT been keeping proper track of my finances.  It has all been kinda of willy-nilly at best. There have been changes to accommodate for and when that is taken care of, I know I will feel better.

2. Organize my important papers.  Again, since the move, I do have more important papers ( related to the new house and now the rental) to put in there proper place.  Things are now in organized piles.  

3.  I think if I get the above two done by this weekend, that will keep me plenty busy.


~Carla~ said...

Not a bad to do list! :) I always feel better when my budget s done too! I'll be working on a new one for next month soon!

babybluewater said...

Good luck! I know when my budget is up to date, I feel much better :)

Lisa said...

Hi Carla: I was crunching some numbers at lunch today.... feeling better already.

Hi BabyBlueWater: It is definitely a good feeling.