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Saturday Morning

Happy Saturday! I do not know about you, but last week seemed like it was never going to end!  It is finally the weekend and things around here are slowly falling into a normal routine.  Our grandson spent the night last night, sleeping in his new toddler bed. I found the bed which included the mattress on CraigsList for  $40.00. At Target, they had the comforter/sheet set marked down from 39.99 to 20.00.

He did okay his first night in our new house.  Only a few tears because of strange surroundings, but he did eventually fall asleep and is still asleep this morning.

Today was suppose to be paint the outside of the house day, but we are expecting rain this weekend.  We definitely need the rain, so we will postpone the painting.

Choosing paint colors for the new house was easy, we are painting it the same color as the old house.  We really like the colors and you know how hard it can be to DECIDE on paint colors! 

I have been working on my revised budget the last couple of days.  By taking time to actually sit down and see what my bills are going to be, I feel a lot less stressed. I have neglected my budget for the last month, maybe the lat two months and the not knowing was almost too much to handle. 

Since we have been working on the new house non-stop for the last month, I am going to try to get my husband to take a break and go have some fun.  Maybe the movies before we head out to Carrabba's tonight.

What are your plans this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Your grandson will soon be used to your new house. You deserve a break after the last several months. Have fun tonight!

Buck Inspire said...

Nice catch from Craigslist and Target. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your Saturday. I was going to read and write some, but life happened. Going to chill out. Have fun!