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Drug Store Savings ~ August 28~ Share Your Savings!

 This weekend my daughter and I did get out early Sunday morning to pick up some of the deals that we needed.  Since I have  been getting back into couponing I have been able to save so much money!  It really makes a girl smile!
CVS savings click here to read about it!
Since it is just my husband and myself, I try to not go too crazy with couponing.  If there are great deals on toilet paper and paper towels I will definitely stock up.  Those are items that we will use all the time.

After we went to CVS, we went to Walgreen's.

Walgreen Savings!  Click here to read more!
 Yes, I think we do have enough Peanut Butter for awhile.  It will come in handy later on this year when it is time to bake Peanut Butter Cookies for Christmas!

Share you most recent savings here!

How did you do this weekend at the Drug Stores?  Share your great deals here!

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