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Farmer's Market Shopping This Weekend Getting Ready for the Five A Day Challenge

Sunday, after church we stopped by the Farmer's Market.  I am getting ready for Carla's Challenge eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.  Now Carla is knocking it out of the park as she is striving to consume 15 fruits and vegetables a day!! 

For the watermelon, 5 tomatoes, 5 green tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, and 10 peaches, I paid $17.00.  I think I did okay, what do you think? 

It is late in the day, but I just did finish an apple, I will have a couple of glasses of V8 juice and watermelon later on tonight.  Pop on over to Carla's and join in the challenge.  This one is going to be good for you!


Erin Branscom said...

That is a great challenge! :) Love your blog! I am looking to help 30 families go green in the next 30 days! Email me if you are interested in helping your family go green! :) Erin

CentsToSave said...

Hi Erin, Thanks for the compliment!

Carla said...

Yummy!! For fresh & local, it's pretty good!! :) I bought basket of MASSIVE fresh, local tomatoes the other day for $3.00, they're so good!!

CentsToSave said...

I really appreciate your new challenge. It will keep my healthy eating accountable! Thanks