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Taking a Step

 red spot

I am not ready to sell mom's house yet.  So, I have decided to keep it for at least a year and rent it to my oldest son for operating costs.  This includes taxes,insurance and yard upkeep.  This will definitely help him out.  He will be closer to work which will save on his gas and tolls not to mention the cost of rent.

My husband and I prayed about this decision and we felt led to go this direction.   My son's goal is to buy a house.  His financial history is a bit muddy due to a long hospitalization in 2010 due to a brain injury and layoff during 2010/2011.   He has issues. Lots of them.   But..... we all mutually agreed that by renting the house to him for a year this will provide him the best opportunity for him to rebuild his credit (  recover from a bankruptcy in 2012)  AND save towards the down payment of his own home.

This weekend my husband and I will be busy packing up mom's house and distributing some of the furniture to the other kids.  Mom has a two car garage and we will be boxing up the majority of her household items and store them there.  When the weather cools off, we will be having a garage sale.

What would mom think about this?   She did have a special place in her heart for our oldest son.  I think she would approve of him moving into her house.  His girlfriend and her daughter will be moving in too.  Our family tolerates his girlfriend.  My son likes to pick girlfriends that seem to have more issues than him.  He tries to fix them.  Yeah.... that never works.  We tell him he should work on his own issues first, but you know that advice falls on deaf ears.

 Headed to Orlando today to visit my students at their clinical sites.  That usually takes about 3 hours. Then I will be going to mom's to pick up any mail that has not been forwarded and to assess the amount of boxes I will need for packing this weekend.  I was not expecting to do anything with mom's house for awhile.  But, I am glad that I have a reason to move forward with her estate.  This is a step in the right direction for me.

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Lisa Richardson said...

I bet, your Mom would approve! It's, probably, a little too early for you to sell it, so it's good for all the sides, I think.

Lisa Richardson said...

I glad you have a decision that you feel comfortable with. I agree with Lena that's probably too soon to jump in and sell the house.

Lisa Richardson said...

I think that is the best thing right now. You are going through alot and selling a home can be a pain. Plus you are helping your son get in a home for now.

Lisa Richardson said...

Good for you, Lisa! I think that most of the time helping out your family is always in the "right"... I pray it goes well for you & your son! :)

Lisa Richardson said...

I completely agree with you, Carla! I'm so happy for all of them!