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Decisions, Decisions

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I have been back to work for two weeks now. The old routine is feeling very familiar and comfortable. There has been a great outpouring of support from my co-workers, students and church family. I am very blessed.

We are still receiving sympathy cards, the latest one is from one of mom's MD Anderson cancer doctors. Definitely made me cry. This is an odd occurrence as most of the other cards did not. Then it occurred to me that it was the finality of not seeing that particular doctor with my mom. Yes, that is what trigger the tears. A touch of finality.

Every week I check on mom's house and collect the mail from her neighbor. This week, her mail should start being forwarded to my home. That will make it easier on her neighbor and me. I still plan to go and check on her house at least once a week,at least until we decide what to do with it.

With regards to dealing with the financial side of her estate,there a things I know about and things I probably don't know about. I do know that she has a substantial IRA. There're is also my day's bank accounts ( they kept their money separate ) which is a tidy sum as well. Mom had previously added me to that account.

Then there is mom's credit union accounts. From what I can tell, when she saved up $5000.00 she would put in an account or CD. I am not yet on that account.....or accounts. She did add me to her primary checking account at Chase. There is enough money in that account to cover her funeral costs. She may or may not have had a savings account there, because if she did, she did not put me on it. But, I think she did.

She does have a safety deposit box at Chase, as she mentioned that she has CD's in it that she left to my kids. I don't know what else in there, if anything at all. As you can see, there are lots of unknowns with regard to mom's financial legacy. Mostly because she was a very private person and kept her business to herself. As executor of her will, I do have the right to eventually gain access to all of her accounts.

Before I do anything with them, I need financial and legal advice. I have no clue as to what the financial and tax implications of a paid off home and several bank accounts with a yet to be determined amount of funds. My goal is to make wise, well thought out and properly advised decisions regarding my mom's estate.

There is one thing that does hold me back. I know that once ALL the account contents are revealed and dealt with, it will be another stoic reminder of my mom's passing. Another moment of finality.

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