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Summer Bucket List 2013

Summer officially starts June 21st and after being inspired by The Frugal Girl, I came up with my first official Summer Bucket List. After being so focused on taking care of my mom, it's time to re-adjust to our new normal.

There are projects to complete, but we want to work in a little fun too. I mean it is summer, right?

Pick up my golf clubs, and go to the driving range and hit some balls. I grew up playing golf. I had my first set of clubs at age 5. Heck, I was on the boys golf team in high school. After I got married and started my family many years ago, I just never had the time to devote to it.

Take a belly dance class. Really!

Paint spare bedroom ( it was my mom's bedroom while she stayed with us). Mom had picked out the paint color and it is a bright yellow. She loved it, but I have never been a big fan of yellow. I still have not yet decided on a color, anything but yellow.

Plant flowers with my grandson. 

Bowling with the family. All of my family loves to bowl. Nothing like a little friendly competition! It is just hard for all us to get together due to work schedules and family obligations. I would love to do this on my birthday.

Clean the carpet in my 13 year old car.

Start a gratitude journal.

Work on preparing my parent's house to sell. Okay, I am pretty sure I am going to sell their house. There is the small chance I might rent it, but either way I need to go through it and decide what to save,what to sell and what to throwaway. Overwhelming, but it needs to be done.

Move both blogs to Wordpress. Long over due.

Take an airboat ride. There are several places that offer airboat tours and they are all about an hour away. Am going to shop around and find the best price. It is just something that looks like fun!

Go to an IMAX movie.

Take a Yoga Class.

Plan trip to Wisconsin. My now deceased parents wanted their ashes taken back to Wisconsin as their final destination on this earth. In order to make this happen, I will need to coordinate the travel of my family members so that all can be there to say a final good-bye. Thinking about September to make this happen.
My mom's family farm

Take grandson to zoo.

These are a few of the things I would like to accomplish within the next three months. There are probably a few more things that I should do, but for now this will get me motivated.

What is on your agenda for this summer? 

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1 comment:

Lisa Richardson said...

Looks like you're a going to have a busy but fun year, Lisa!