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Ups and Downs

I have good intentions when it comes to blogging. But, I get side tacked with emotions and up coming appointments and decisions. These of course revolve around resolving my mom's estate.


I have been dragging my feet on this, mostly because I did not have an estate lawyer. Several have been recommended to me, but I still could not commit. After talking to my mom's pastor ( who use to be a lawyer) I am taking his recommendation and am meeting with the lawyer Tuesday morning. There are several accounts that my name is not on and it will be necessary to go through probate. It will cost money, but I gotta get moving on this.


Wednesday after work I will then be meeting with mom's Financial Planner. I never knew she had a financial planner, but this lady has the scoop on ALL of mom's money and accounts. There are decisions to be made with her IRAs but I will meet with her first and see what she as to say.


Last week with the help of friends and family we packed up mom's house and divided up the furniture and I carted a bunch of boxes of her personal belongings that I could not let go of yet. We are renting the house to my son for a year. I think we will eventually sell it, but no decision yet.


So yeah, pretty much in the same place since my last post. I see this week as taking a step towards progress. And hoping not to be overwhelmed by the whole process!




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Lisa Richardson said...

Life has ups and downs, but if you know what to do and have the patience to do it, everything will fall in to place. I'm just so glad to know that everything is going well with you.