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Wellness 360

If you are not already a member of Wellness 360, consider joining for the following reasons:

1. You can easily earn money.

2. You can easily earn money.

3. You can learn more about your health and easily earn money.

Maybe I am one of the late comers to this program, but in 2 days of visiting the web site and reading articles, etc I am already up to 15.00 dollars in just two days!!

Here is a breakdown of how you too can earn money and get healthy

Ways to earn at Wellness 360:

1) Click on just about any link and visit each page for 10 seconds. Most links pay 2 points.

2) Advertising banner ads also give you credit.

3) Click on the BONUS button on the upper right hand corner of the page. When it loads, there is a link you can click. at the bottom of the paragraph. 5 points

4) Invite friends or put up a link - earn 25% of their earnings.

5) Read news articles. - 2 points per article (10 second per page rule) I've learned a lot reading!

6) Exercise videos! Get up and get moving!

7) Fill out your daily food diary. (10 second per page rule )

8) Fill out your health risk assessment. You need a 100% assessment total to be paid.

The payout is every quarter....So you have all of this month to start earning money for Christmas, your secret stash or what ever you want!

Oh did I mention the instant gratification? You see, when ever you do any of the above, you can refresh the page, and see immediately your earnings! So, if you have not yet joined Wellness 360 .... try it! You will not be disappointed!


Ginger said...

::::::::Snicker::::::: I so completely agree with you. Here's what I've done since I started Wellness.

Month Points
September 193
August 891
July 2726
June 2050
May 5003
April 3599
March 246
Totals 14708
Dollar Amount $220.620

Nice post!

Lisa said...

Great Job Ginger! It is really so darn easy!!!


Karissa Dee said...

Hi, I followed your referral link and started earning my points. I would like to put a referral button on my blogger, but I can't find a link anywhere on the wellness site. Do you mind if I ask you for some help in doing so?

Karissa Dee said...

Thanks for your help :)
I have added you to my blogroll.

Karissa Dee said...

Thanks for your help :)
I have added you to my blogroll.