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Tuesday's Agenda

The stress/anxiety that I was experiencing last week has since gone away.  I am feeling more in control (even though I may have no control of anything) and more importantly I can breathe!!   Last week, I was a mess!  But conversations with my mom, my husband and my kids have put many things in perspective.  It is time to move forward and enjoy each day.  I will try like heck to not worry about things I cannot control and let God handle the rest!

Pontiac Chief

I have been spending a lot of time on Flickr and have uploaded almost all of my family photos to the site.  I have also joined a couple of "groups" and have spent a lot or relaxing non productive time viewing all the cool pictures.  Lately I have been fascinated with vintage signs.  The one above is of a local but out of business car dealership.  It brings back memories as the owner's son and I use to play golf as teenagers.

But on to today's list of things to get done.  This is my day off from both jobs so mom and I will be picking up my grandson and taking him to the park for a small picnic.  No doubt he will not want to eat but just play, but that is okay.

I did get my online bills paid and I just have to pass by the BrightHouse office to pay the cable.  There is also the credit card to pay, but I will send a chunk of money the end of this week when my husband and I both get paid.   The credit card balance has been creeping up and up and it is time to put a stop to that for awhile.

Mom is going back to her home tomorrow.  She has already contacted Life Alert and they will be at her house on Thursday to get her hooked up with the necklace and stuff that she will need to feel secure.   That is a relief for ALL of us! 

Since our budget is all out of whack for the beginning of January I am not going to worry too much about it.  We will get back to the debt reduction very soon and then start working on the mortgage.  Making sure mom is happy and doing well is our primary concern for now.  She enjoys staying out here with us and we enjoy having her.  I am looking forward to her return visit!


This is another great picture of the sign at a local shopping center.  It is a old strip mall but back in the day it was the place to go!   I went to this shopping center when I was 16 with my boyfriend's (now husband) mother to pick up his birthday present which was a pair or Acme cowboy boots.  I remember it like it was yesterday!

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Here are my eBay sales for last week


~Carla~ said...

Happy to hear that you're feeling better, Lisa!! I agree, what's done is done (budget wise) time to move on! Tomorrow is a new day!! Good luck with your list today!

kim said...

You have had so much on your plate for so long you need a break! Grandson time what a fun way to take a break! Wish I was you.

Live and Learn said...

It sounds like your mother is ready to wear her life alert. Good. My mother always had hers "nearby" but didn't start wearing it until she fell one day and spent 40 minutes on the floor before someone stopped by and found her. That was very scary. Love your signs.

Laura / No More Spending said...

Glad you're feeling less stressed this week Lisa. Take care.