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Drug Store Savings ~ Sept 12~ Share Your Savings!

The Super Coupon Book
This Sunday morning my daughter and I again went to do a little couponing. 

It was a little last minute and we weren't completely prepared, in fact we were figuring out what to buy and where to go while sitting in her truck in her driveway.  She had her Super Coupon Notebook and with a little time we nailed down what we were going to get.

Now it's time to sort out the coupons fliers from the Sunday newspaper.  My daughter and I went through four newspapers each, pulled out three coupon fliers, clipped a few quick coupons and were on our way to our first stop. 

 Our first stop was CVS, where we picked up some Airwick room deodorizers, and dish liquid.   We both saved over $51.00!

Next, we headed to Walgreens and we had planned to get toothbrushes from Oral B, and Crest Deep Cleaning Toothpaste.  We were only able to get the toothbrushes, as the store manager said they have not had the toothpaste for two weeks.  Oh well, maybe by the end of the week they will have it.

Here is a picture of the stack of newspapers in the back of the truck.  This mess went straight to the recycling bin. 

How did you do?  Share your deals here!  I would love to see them!


Thefrugaltoad said...

Just had to say it looks like you and your daughter are having a great time!

CentsToSave said...

it is always an adventure!

Sb @ One Cent At A Time said...

I guess you are buying things you need, not the things for which you have coupons

coupon Greene said...

Thanks for linking up at Pounds4Pennies!

Anonymous said...

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