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Financial Flaws Friday



 This month I have been using Spending Diary to keep track of my expenses.  I have used this before, but at the time I was to busy to keep good records.  I do have a little more time on my hands since my recent layoff and the reality check is good for me.  Actually I kinda kept track a little bit last month, and some of the totals in certain categories were shocking to me.

For instance, under the category Restaurants, in two weeks, we had spent close to $162.00.  When I was working that would have been less shocking, but we are now down to one income.  It was a wake up call.  Oh, and another category that I was less than pleased with was my Thrift Store Shopping.  (Cheaper retail therapy).  Not so much. Last month I had spent $100.00 on buying things I thought I could resell in a recently rented booth at a local antique store.

My sales in the antique booth are nil, nada, zip!   Why is that you may ask?  My prices were too high ( I recently marked down the majority of the items). Maybe my hoarder tendencies were kicking in and subliminally I did not want to actually sell any of the stuff.     I will be checking back today to see if any of the markdowns helped with sales.  Meanwhile, I am staying out of the Thrift stores for a bit.

  This week's totals:
Restaurant:  $11.46  ( Awesome!)
Grocery:  $114.71   (I am proud of this!)
Gas:  $51.00  ( job interviews, we are in a somewhat remote area)
Thrift Store Shopping: $65.00  (need to really keep an eye on this!)

Whew, I feel a little bit better having confessed my financial flaws.  I think this layoff will really open my eyes to my inner financial diva.  I know she is in there ready to slay the spending dragon.


Sharon Cottone said...

Spending diary is pretty revealing isn't it? I had no idea I spent as much as I did, but the numbers don't lie. I have financial flaws too....guess we are human! :)!

CentsToSave said...

Oh yeah, spending diary is VERY revealing. A definite eye opener!

Jane said...

I have to get BACK to using Spend Diary. I used it til summer started and then didn't have much internet out east. I have no excuses now except I'm so busy with school. Guess I'll aim for October to get my finances back under control! (I have a real weakness for thrift store shopping too!)

Onecentatatime said...

I am not at all good to keep count of every cent. You are so thorough

Marie at FamilyMoneyValues said...

I had an antique booth for several years - it was great fun, but no money maker. I think the only people who do well with them are either the owner of the antique mall or the folks who somehow manage to get great stuff free!

CentsToSave said...

Marie, I think you are right. It is fun, but not very profitable.

CentsToSave said...

It is only because I have time to do it. If I was working, I would not have the time.

Andy Hough said...

I've kept track of all my spending for a few years and it is very helpful in identifying problem spending areas.

Untemplater said...

Sorry to hear about your layoff. Great job using a spending journal - they really help a lot! -Sydney