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A Phone Call Can Save A Few Bucks

Our monthly bills are pretty simple.  Mortgage, cell phone, cable, car insurance and of course the credit card. There are other expenses like food, gas and stuff for around the house. Two of my bills are due this week,  The cell phone and the cable.  My husband's employer has a corporate deal with AT&T to secure a 24% discount.  With four phones on our plan, that can add up to a significant amount of money.  Over time, the cell phone bill was starting to go back up.  I thought it was just a information call my husband made.... or something like that.  Really,..... I had no idea what it was. But it was time to find out!

After closer examination and a couple of phone calls to AT&T, it was discovered that two of our phone lines were "crammed" with unknown and unwanted subscriptions.  Customer service refunded the charges for the last 60 days AND blocked our lines from anyone else "cramming" them with unwanted stuff.    When all was said and done, we saved over $60.00 from this month's phone bill.  Additionally, our phone bill should be where it was when we first received the corporate discount.  

After looking at my cable bill, I did notice a monthly charge (x 2) for a couple of Disney channels.  This was my doing.  I was trying to find a "movie" for my grandson to watch on cable and I thought I did purchase a movie.  Evidently I did not.  It was two monthly subscriptions for two Disney channels.  After a phone call to cable, they removed last month's and this month's charges for an additional savings of $40.00.

Now, to call my car insurance peeps and figure out why my rates went up..... Maybe there is a discount that they can find me.  Sure can't hurt!


Tanner E said...

Good job. AT&T is well known for messing the customers lines with extra add ons that nobody requested. That's the reason why they will remove it with little questions asked. They just hope that a lot of people don't notice, and when they do, they only refund up to 2-3 months. I caught ours the second it started and made sure they blocked such things. The best time to look for insurance discounts is at the end of your 1yr or 6mo contract. They'll do a LOT of things to keep you as a customer. Best of luck!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks! Hoping to save another 40 bucks or so with the car insurance.!

Sharon said...

You have to watch those companies like a hawk. They are notorious for sneaking in charges.

Jane said...

Wow, good thing you're so observant. It really pays to keep track of your bills - I know EXACTLY how much my cell bill and cable/internet should be so if it's off by a few bucks I investigate. Good job!