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What I Spent $100.00 On

 Yesterday started out great!  The weather was perfect, the grandson spent the night and he was picked up after lunch.  My husband and I decided to go to the store and pick up some milk.  On the way, we passed by the ......................

As a fairly new resident of this community, I did not even know that this cute little place existed.  There were bunches of cars parked around the building and of course I had to slow down and see what was going on.   

 We did stop because they were having a book sale at this schoolhouse/library.  We had to stop, you understand, don't you?  I mean I was driving.... and I just had to!

 The library was having a book sale, fill a bag for a $1.00.  It is amazing how many books you can actually get into one of those plastic grocery bags!  ( about 10, in case you need to know)

There were also local people with their own wares to sell.   (Here is where I fell off the financial frugality wagon)

It was a table in the side yard of the schoolhouse/library that was beckoning me.  Seriously.   But before I go on, I think I can justify this $100.00 spend.  It is an investment!   

 My husband and I invested $100.00 into his Ebay store.   One of the vendors had a huge amount of Stampin' Up stamp sets.  44 to be exact.  She was ready to get rid of them and gave us a great deal! 
Along with the 44 stamp sets, she threw in the "Creative Memories" tote....

And about a bajillion loose individual stamps.  Most of which are Stampin' Up stamps.  When I actually count them out, I will let you know how many are in there. 

When we came home, we listed half of the stamp sets, and will finish listing the rest of them either today or tomorrow. 

That is how you spend $100.00 at a Library book sale. 


Carla said...

Wow!! That is an awesome deal!! You should easily make more than triple of what you paid! Good luck!! :)

Jane said...

Ohhhhhh, an investment, I get it (wink wink, nudge nudge)! How many bags of books did you get?? Our local library has a sale like that once each year which is why my house had 100's of books in it. Two years ago I did a purge and sold a lot at several local used book stores. I didn't keep track of how much I made but I'm sure it was a fair bit more than my original "investment"!!

Tanner E said...

Hey, nothing wrong with a little investment. I can assure you I was wondering how it was possible to spend $100 on a library, unless you were buying furniture or whole shelves of stuff!

Barbara Bomberger said...

I love it when we find things to sell......son has an amazon store and I have an ebay and etsy store so betwee the two of us we buy wherever we go, LOL