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Oops, I Almost Forgot About Christmas

 This is week two of living at Mom and Dad's again.  Things are going smoother this week, I pretty much have my dad's routine down and he is adjusting to me and my husband living here.  This week, we took dad to his doctor to check out a scratch on his leg that was not healing.  In fact it was becoming red and angry looking.  The doctor prescribed Keeflex to help clear it up.  My dad has diabetes too, and I have been keeping track of his blood sugars all week.  They were all over the place even with his oral medications.  Evidently his doctor has been wanting to put him on insulin for the last several years but my mom did not want to do that.  I can see why, my dad can be a bit of a handful at times.  Cantankerous  might be a better word.   Anyway, we took the doctor's advice and switched him to insulin.  It is only day two, but he seems better and his blood sugar numbers are much improved.

Today I was doing a mental  inventory of the Christmas gifts that I have purchased both wrapped and unwrapped.  I still had to put together a couple of calenders for two of my kids and I did that this morning.  They should be here in about one week.  Just a couple of gift cards to get and then I pretty much can say my Christmas shopping is done.  But there still is the wrapping......bah humbug.

The family was going to come to my house to celebrate Christmas, but since my mom's hospitalization we are going to play that by ear.  She was moved to rehab today, so depending on her progress..... well, we will just wait and see.

The plan this weekend is to go out to the other house and get the presents (both wrapped and unwrapped) and bring them here to have them all in one place.  Finish wrapping, and get ready for Christmas.  I still plan on catering Christmas dinner, especially now.  It will be much less hassle.  Not to mention the super easy clean up!  Sounds like a plan to me.

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Penny Pinching Pro said...

It's fully understandable not to be fully focused on Christmas right now, with everything else you have going on. I hope it can be a nice diversion for your family, though. I think having it catered is a wonderful idea.

CentsToSave said...

Catering Christmas dinner is so much easier for everyone!

Cash Flow Mantra said...

Hang in there. I agree that catering sounds like it would take a huge load off.

Davidandrew8100 said...

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