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A Slight Budget Adjustment

What the heck?   I was checking my bank account online and as I was looking at my mortgage I noticed a change in my next house payment.  Evidently my property taxes are going up.  Really??  The value of my property went down and now my taxes are going up?  I don't get it.   Evidently the escrow is adjusting for next year's anticipated property taxes.  And that sucks because the house payment is going up almost $100.00 dollars!!

I have been trying
to get a hold of the County Tax Assessor Office all day.  Phones are busy......no surprise there.   Worse come to worse, I will have to make a trip out there.  I would not mind the break, and in fact my husband does have some time off next week so I will go then. While I am there I will file my Homestead Exemption too.  Maybe that will help with the amount of taxes due on the property.  I sure hope so!

Mom Update:  Mom is doing great in Rehab.  She has regained some strength in her right arm and her right leg.  This is very encouraging!  She is also suppose to get her stitches(staples) out today.  Once she gets those out we can get her hair washed and cut.  She is very excited about that!

Tomorrow we are consulting with the radiation doctor to find our what her treatment plan is going to be.  I also have a bunch of questions for the doctor too.  Even working in the medical field, I really don't have a great grasp of what is actually going on.  Maybe because it is my mom.... I don't know.   Tomorrow I should definitely know more.

It looks like mom may get to spend Christmas Eve with us.  Her doctor is okay giving her a day pass for about 3 hours.   Mom will decide as we get closer to the day.

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Penny Pinching Pro said...

That's a tough surprise. I hope you're able to get some answers.

YourFinancesSimplified said...

Property taxes are the biggest hidden cost for home ownership. Even though your value went down, they most likely changed the rate which they multiply value by. Counties get used to the new money and never like to see properties assessments to go down.

Niki said...

Sorry about the higher payment that stinks, hopefully it can be changed. That would be nice.

Glad to hear your mom is getting some of her strength back. I hope she feels well enough to spend Christmas Eve with you.

Cash Flow Mantra said...

Well, the increased house payment sucks!

It would be nice if your mom could get out for Christmas Eve. I hope she continues to make progress. Good luck with the doc tomorrow. Write your questions down or you will forget.

CentsToSave said...

Thanks! And yest the increased house payment does suck. Questions are typed and printed.

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Niki. We hope so too.

CentsToSave said...

You are probably right. Man..... it still sucks though.

CentsToSave said...


Jocelyn Ayson said...

I'm definitely not a fan of property taxes, esp ones that increase! I always get nervous in the new year to see what the new monthly payments will be.

That's great news about your mom. A hair wash and cut will be great for her!

Grace said...

Bummer about the increased house payment. Mine is decreasing slightly even though the property taxes went up--due to a decrease in my homeowner's coverage.

I hope your mom gets to spend Christmas with you. Happy Holidays.

Miss T said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing so much better. That is great news. Sorry to hear about your increased expenses. It always seems to come in floods doesn't it.?

Lisa Richardson said...

Yes, it does. I am hoping to get it fixed when I go in to redo my homestead exemption.