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Works For Me Wednesday: Readjusting The ING Sub-Accounts

It is time again to re-examine and re-evaluate my ING sub-accounts.  Currently I have set up automatic deposits to the following ING sub-accounts.

For the last 4 months (since my lay off)  The only automatic deposit was going to the Christmas Club account.  At that time, we just did not have enough money in the budget to successfully keep funding all of the sub accounts.   This year we have decided to keep automatic deposits going to the following accounts:

Christmas Club:   $20.00 every two weeks      $520.00 for the year
Birthdays,etc:       $15.00 every two weeks      $345.00 for the year
Pet Care                $30.00 every two weeks      $780.00 for the year
Travel:                    still working this in the budget. 

Without a doubt, there will be other expenses that occur during the year.  We currently have about $1200.00 in our Emergency fund to help cover those expenses.    The new year will be full of changes for us. We don't know how long my parents will need us to take care of them, but if it is long term, we want to move them out to our home.  My ability to get a job depends greatly on their status and their wishes.  My parents are fiercely independent and my have other plans for themselves.  Who knows!

 It is still one day at a time around here. 

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krantcents said...

I tend to like a more simple existence. I would have just one account.

Carla said...

Looks good Lisa! I like how you figured out your yearly totals... I should do that too! )

Niki said...

We do the automated withdrawals too. I find it easier. We have five sub-accounts. I find it much easier to keep track of.

John@moneyprinciple said...

We've never looked at ING but sub-accounts seem a good idea as long as you have spare cash that is! It really irks me to have plus money in one account and minus money in another....:-)