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Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall Visit

Last night, my husband and I had the opportunity to go out for dinner and a walk afterwards.  For our walk, we went downtown to Lake Eola.  Lake Eola is a beautiful picturesque area that has been a landmark of sorts for many, many years.  The focal point of the lake is the fountain in the center of the lake. 


It just so happens that The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall was at the park too.  Surprisingly, it was open for view even after dark.   Wayne and I walked around the lake and then we visited the memorial.
Solitary Moment

 A single Carnation left at the wall

Is this not the most moving note you have seen?

Peaceful and Quiet

The night reflecting on the wall

Another note at the wall

It was a beautiful evening, relaxing and thoughtful.

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Janette Bowen said...

There are two defining moments of my early adolescence. One is the death of a good friend's brother. He had been in Vietnam---one day. Robert Ladensack will not be forgotten. I touch his name on the Wall every time I go. It is like touching a part of my childhood. Thank you for showing me the traveling Wall.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Janette,
No, Robert Ladensack will not be forgotten. And you are welcome.

Buck Inspire said...

Very moving letters and amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks. The wall is very emotional for many.

Live and Learn said...

I have seen the Wall a couple of times. It's so simple yet so moving.