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Food Waste Friday: Brrrrrrrrrrrr! A Little Frosty!

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It is that time again, time to search out the refrigerator and see what is lurking in the deep dark recesses. The refrigerator is actually okay, but the Freezer..... well, that is another story all together.

My freezer is pretty full, so full in fact you can;t really tell what is in there. I dumped most of the stuff on the counter this morning and discovered a few frosty items that need to go.

These meatballs are left over from a birthday party in June.

Here they are up close......

And this hunk of frozen ham bone, well I had good intentions to make homemade bean soup, but instead I will be throwing it away. Boo!!

Next week is another week! How did you do with your food waste?

1 comment:

Live and Learn-Toss and Turn said...

My freezer is going to need some attention soon. You have inspired me to not put it off much longer.