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Saturday Things to Do

Today's List of things to do include:

1.  Make a bottle of "Fake Febreeze".  Saw this on Pinterest and am going to give it a try.  Hoping that it works, because Princess the bulldog can get a little stinky at times.

2.  I am going to be hitting up a few thrift stores today to find a bread maker.  Since I saw Carla's post on how she makes bread, I so want to give it a try!  In the past, I have seen bread makers at the thrift store for around 5 bucks or so.

3.  Supervise  the installation of the new slider in our living room.  For the last three weeks, we have been living in a cave of sorts.  The boys removed the old French doors and tried to replace it with a standard slider.  The standard slider did not work.  Had to special order a door to fit.  The wood panels have been in place since then.    This is why I still have my Christmas tree up.  the decorations are down and put away, but the tree provides a nice source of light.  Guess that will have to be put away today too.

Our "temporary" slider

our light
We are going to recycle the wood panels from the temporary slider and use them for a chicken coop.  That sounds ambitious, doesn't it?  Again, I have spent too much time on Pinterest and stumbled on some great ideas for chicken coops.  A friend and her husband built their own chicken coop in their backyard...and now I think we could do the same.  Another project we don't need.... but it could be fun, right?

That is the plan so far for today. Lots to do and its a beautiful day to get it all done. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I will be updating my credit card debt and other financials.... Fun Stuff!!
Have a great Saturday!


Maria@moneyprinciple said...

Lisa, we have not bought bread for may be 2 years now. We have a Panasonic BM and it is wonderful - the Rolls Royce of BMs. Even bought new it pays for itself in about three months and the quality is really great. Well worth it!

Jane Harrison said...

One of my plans when I'm living out east and finally retired is to have chickens. I grew up with chickens (well, not literally!) but we had a barn with our house in the little village we lived in and it had an attached chicken coop. My dad's dad always raised chickens so my dad was really into it to. I have not so fond memories as a child of having to go into their house and disturb them by sticking my hand under their butts to collect eggs! They'd always squawk at me, but I think I can handle that now!

maureencairney said...

My breadmaker was given to me by a friend who had long stopped using it, but I love it although some of the store bought bread mixes are expensive, who knows of cheap recipes for a breadmaker ?????

MrsMarcos said...

Curious to see how your fake Febreze turns out. I made it and used it, it was fine. Then I put it in the linen closet and the next time I went in there the bottle was covered in oozing gunk from some chemical reaction going on in the bottle. Maybe it was our water? Keep us posted!

CentsToSave said...

Hi Mrs Marcos,
It is just day two of the Fake Febreeze and so far no chemical reaction. But.... will document it if it does occur.

CentsToSave said...

Try Carla's link about bread making http://halfdozendaily.typepad.com/my-half-dozen-daily/2012/02/baking-bread-in-8-easy-steps-for-sharon.html

CentsToSave said...

I have been looking at chicken coop ideas on PinTerest and there are some darn cute coops! Still researching the idea....