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Debt SnowFlake Challenge Week 5

To help keep my on track with my debt elimination progress, I have joined Melissa at Mom's Plans in her Debt Snowflake Challenge.  To the best of my ability, I will update my own debt snowflake progress every Friday.  

Progress:  This week I did receive a payout from AdSense for $103.00.  That was a nice little chunk of change.  But that was it for the week.  It has been a little slow to say the least.

The items I listed on Craigslist have not produced any interest yet.  Actually these vintage Christmas items would probably do better on Ebay, but I will wait until I get back to my home before I start Ebaying again.  I already started list some items on Ebay.  I think we will be able to be home more so on a smaller scale I am getting back into Ebay again.

Total SnowFlakes for 2012

Debt Update will be at the end of the month.  I still use my credit card for my mom and dad's purchases and they pay reimburse me once a month.  Upside to this:  I am using my Marriott Rewards card, so more points.  Downside to this:  The card is still in my wallet.   It is not quite the end of the  month yet, so no reimbursements have been made. Soon.  Very SoonAhh........ NO payments yet. Still some more purchases for the transition upcoming.  

Join in my $500 Holiday Challenge!

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    Michelle said...

    Wow you've had a lot of snowflakes this year already!

    Debby S. said...

    Another week just few by us hunh? AdSense, not a bad chuck of change at all! Congrats!

    Pam Rockhold said...

    Wow! I wish I could come up with AdSense payouts like that; keep up the good work! :o)