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Wednesday Odds and Ends

Tomorrow is my dad's 90th Birthday.  My husband and I went to visit my mom and dad today to celebrate his birthday one day early.  Dad is a proud veteran of WW2 and Vietnam with 27 years in the service.  If you look closely at the picture you can see two small American flags on the counter.

Earlier this year, the rope on the  25 foot flag pole in his front yard broke.  So for his birthday we bought him a new 4x6 flag and NEW rope.  After borrowing the neighbor's extension ladder and a few confused moments on how to thread the rope through the pulley, we got the flag up and flying again.

Dad was thrilled!  And no one fell off the ladder or the roof.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Mini Goals for Tomorrow

 I am watching Top Chef and already I have a list of things to get done for tomorrow.   I don't know about you but if I don't write down just about everything I will forget it and it will be lost forever!

So here we go!

1.  Call the county animal control to see if they have a spay/neuter program.  I have a fear that our English Bulldog is coming into heat again.  Animal control gave me a number of a low cost clinic.  They don't pick up and have left messages.

2.  Pass by the accountant and sign our taxes.  We have a refund coming!  Electronically filed.  Waiting for refund to hit the bank.

3.  Paint (for the fourth time) the yellow bedroom.  I can't wait to get this finished!   We are changing color.  I really don't like the yellow my mom picked out.

4.  Make time to visit Thrift Store(s) to search for living room curtains.      Nearly impossible to find four panels that are the same at the Thrift Store.  Off to JCPenny's.

5.  Send out more resumes and job applications.  Probably not.


kim said...

What a wonderful gift and a wonderful legacy!

debby said...

What a thoughtful gift! Your Dad must have been over the moon!

Shovellicious said...

All the best for your Dad! You had really great idea with such a gift!
Good luck with your to-do list!

Aloysa @My Broken Coin said...

I like that you set up daily goals. Lately I noticed my life is so hectic and disorganized that I might need to start doing something like this.
Happy Birthday to your Dad!