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Did You Hear About Google Friends Connect?

So most likely you have heard that Google Friends Connect is going away as of March 1st. Total bummer right??? Like we need ONE more thing to worry about. So if you follow blogs with GFC you will need to find a new way to follow along!
HOW will we continue to follow our beloved blogs??? Oh the horror!!!
Cents To Save  has several ways for you to follow:  
You can follow along using the new and FREE Linky Followers!!! You can follow Cents To Save by clicking the "Follow me" button in the Linky Followers box in my sidebar. 

Don't get left behind!! 


The Single Saver said...

Where did you hear about GFC going away????

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

is GFC the same thing as Reader? Because that's mostly what I use...

UltimateSmartMoney said...

I never heard this... I guess it doens't exist starting today.