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2012 Financial Goals Progress Report #3

I am borrowing this format from Laura at NoMoreSpending  to help me stay accountable to my 2012 goals.

1.   Pay off credit card debt this year.  Yep, it has got to go.  We have about $11,5000 in stupid credit card debt.  With our current living arrangements (we moved in with my sick parents to become their caregivers) our expenses are low(er).  There is some good news here.  We have reduced the credit card debt to $7900.00!! NO CHANGE HERE THIS MONTH

2.  Increase Emergency Savings from $1000.00 to $3000.00.  Right now our emergency fund carries about $1200.00, but by the end of the year we would like to increase that to $3000.00 for a little more piece of mind.  Emergency savings is at $1000.00.  Any extra will go to debt, at least for now.

3.  Building online income.   My work situation has changes totally.  I am now a fulltime care giver for my dad, and soon for my mom.  I will be able to (hopefully) find time during the day and night to learn more about HOW to successfully do that.  You know I did join the $30,000 Online Income Challenge, right?   Changes are my new thing this year.  I am back home and building my eBay business as well as blogging. 

4.  Christmas 2012.   I again will be working my $500 Holiday Challenge.  I was able to stay pretty close to the spending/ shopping budget this year, so I am pretty happy about that.   Acquiring gifts all year round at deep savings really helped the bottom line. I did get a few things in February, but still not up to speed or where I should be.

5.  Have more fun!  Life is short and I know that saving money, budgeting, and being frugal is important.  But....   having fun and enjoying life is just as important!   Living in Central Florida provides many opportunities to visit theme parks and be a kid again.  We have not yet decided which park we are going to get a year long pass for, but I am leaning towards SeaWorld. And next year.... Disney World.  I will be getting passes for me, my husband and my grandson.  Money well spent.  DONE.  Right now my daughter's family and myself have the SeaWorld pass. We go about once or twice a month.  Definitely enjoy this.

6.  Plan a Trip out West.  We want to go to San Francisco, visit Alcatraz ( I find that place to be very fascinating), Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, to name a few.  It may not happen this year, but it will happen.  I plan to save at leat $4000.00 dollars towards this goal.  Probably no big trips this year. :(

7.  Roth IRA..... hello....  you remember me, don't you?  My retirement planning has taken a BACK seat lately.  Time to get all that back under control.  I have a 401k with a previous employer that I need to do something with..... and I do recall a Roth IRA too.  I am a huge slacker when it comes to this stuff.  Help please.  Fail.  There is the rest of February to get it changed. Lets see what I can get done in March.  Maybe April will be better.

11.  Get our wills done.   Enough said.  This has been on my goals list for the last two years.  Nope, not yet.


debby said...

WOW, that's a huge amount you have paid off on your debt!! I think your right on getting the debt done before beefing up the EF, intrest on debt is a killer. Spending a little for fun family stuff is a good thing, we really do need to kick up our heels to stay on track. Congrats on what you have done so far this year

Sharon said...

GET YOUR WILLS DONE!! :)! It's really, really, really important!

Great job on your debt repayment!!

Jane said...

Debt repayment is first and foremost with me too as the debt carries interest. Once that is gone you'll be able to beef up your EF in no time! Great reduction on C/C debt!

laura @ no more spending said...

Keep going Lisa - that debt will be gone before you know it! :)

See Debt Run said...

$30,000 online income? I hope to be there some day...but we haven't even broken even yet!

CentsToSave said...

Hi See Debt Run!

Pfftttt.... This challenge is hard!!! But I will keep trying.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Laura,

That debt..... It tell ya.... It really drives me crazy!!

CentsToSave said...

Hi Jane,

I hate it when we sometimes fall off the wagon and charge something for the house. very frustrating.

CentsToSave said...

I know Sharon....... I know. There is no excuse.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Debby,
Our credit card debt..... it could have a blog of it's own. The stories it could tell....... lol!

Rafiki said...

You doing pretty awesome by my books, given the turn of events you've faced, I'm surprised you've bounced back so well.

You really are doing awesome. Don't give up, and get those wills and retirement in order.