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Debt SnowFlake Challenge Week 11

To help keep my on track with my debt elimination progress, I have joined Melissa at Mom's Plans in her Debt Snowflake Challenge.  To the best of my ability, I will update my own debt snowflake progress every Friday.  So.... It has been several weeks since I have updated.  Life does get in the way sometimes.  

Our Progress:   This year we did receive a substantial tax refund.  This will be spent on the following: 

New Central AC unit for the house we just bought. The original unit is over 20 years old AND summer is hot in Florida. Husband will be doing the install.  This will save us a bundle.

New Compressor for House.  Okay, for husband.  He needs the compressor to run his tools.  He has lots of tools.

Two bikes for husband and me.  We need exercise. Seriously.

700.00 for Tile install at house. 

The remainder will be put on Credit card.  $500.00

This month:  This month I have been selling again on eBay.  The results are on the positive side.  Last week was 120.00 gross profits and this week is looking pretty good too.  I will update eBay profits monthly.

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debby said...

Your are getting a lot done out of your refund!! Our heat pump is over 20 years old as weel, I know the day is not far off that it will give up on us, of course it will be in the middle of the summer! Ha Good luck with your snowflakes, you will rock the thing I ma sure

CentsToSave said...

Hi Debby!
Thanks for your support! We are trying to squeeze every last penny out of the refund this year!!

CarlaPeicheff said...

Hope you're able to find some good deals on your list, Lisa!! :)

MultiMillionaireRoad said...

Hi. Do you have any tips for selling on ebay?

Rafiki said...

That's some good all around progress you are making.

Melissa@MomsPlans said...

Good work snowflaking! What do you usually sell on eBay to have such good success?

Jane said...

Congrats on the major refund and putting it to work in and around your home! And what a great bonus snowflake that you are making some Ebay sales. Double score!