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What Needs To Get Done In April

Princess.... pooping :)
There is no shortage of things to do around the house.  We need to prioritize our "List of Things To Do" and  come up with a plan to accomplish the multitude of projects around here.

Tomorrow, I will be taking the one of the dogs to the groomer and the other dog to the vet to get her spayed.  I have been trying to get her ( Princess,the BullDog) fixed for the  last year.  We had an appointment at the low cost spay clinic last spring, but the vet passed away.  So with moving and everything else that has been going on, I have just now set up an appointment  to get her surgery.

  She is a registered Victorian Bulldog, and we could breed her as Victorian Puppies do fetch a pretty high price.  But, breeding is expensive.  The females have to be artificially inseminated, and when they are due, they then have to have a C-section.  When the puppies are born, you then need someone to physically raise the puppies. That's right.  Someone has to make sure the puppies are not squished by the momma.  Bulldogs are not that graceful.  And someone has to put the puppies on the momma dog to nurse.  Yep... a lot of work, indeed.  None of it cheap!

So, as long as Princess does not come into heat tomorrow, we can proceed as planned!

Other things that we need to get done this week:  I seriously need to get the garage organized.  This is where all my eBay stuff is.  I am configuring and re-configuring an area that will provide a smoother flow work wise.  So far, not much success with that.  Stuff is all over the place.  But in an organized way.  Seriously.

Other things on my list:

Curtains for the living room.
Paint bathroom door.
Re-paint my bedroom. 

So much to do!


Lena Shannon said...

We have tons to do here too in April! And I haven't even started any spring cleaning. Hey Lisa, I know it's already a second quarter of the year but can I still join your $500 Holiday Challenge? Thank you!

Michelle said...

My friend recently bred her bulldog. They sold for around $2,000 each (and it was a big litter, around 12 I think). She had to quit her job though because taking care of the puppies was a full-time job.

CentsToSave said...

The puppies from Victorian Bulldogs are quite expensive! I bet your friend really had her hands full with all those puppies.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Lena,
Thanks for your patience~ I have finally added you to the 500 Holiday Challenge! Good Luck on your April things to do. :)

Maureencairney said...

I am laughing at the pooping photo.....

My friend's Rottweiller bitch had 13 pups, oh boy was that a lot of work and expense, needless to say she only had 1 litter.....

Rafiki said...

I just learnt something new. I had no idea bulldogs needed so much attention when it comes to breeding. That takes dog care to a whole new level.