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Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box: My Challenge

 There are many ideas that pass through my head on a daily basis.  Those who know me say I have a  "busy mind".  Maybe they are being kind and really thinking that I am a bit crazy, but saying I have a "busy mind" is just another way of saying it nicely.

I wanted to share with you and ask your opinion about my latest idea.  It has been put upon my heart to undertake a mission of sorts.  Simply put, the mission is to fill at least 100 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

 A couple of years ago I pledged to put together only 12 boxes...... and I failed miserably.  Not one box was put together.  Not one.  The intentions were there, I had purchased a few items to get started ( I still have the washcloths) and then I became discouraged.  

Today I am stepping out in faith.  My heart is is nudging me along the way, and I will move forward to complete this task.  One of my inspirations is a blog I stumbled upon. ( I say stumbled upon, but God put it in my path).  It is called Life Inside The Box   and is written by a Kathy Schriefer.    Kathy has chronicled her journey from putting together just a few boxes  
  in 2009 to becoming a organizer that coordinates the filling and packing of over 20,000 shoeboxes!     I am in AWE!  

 Her journey has not been easy, but God has definitely been there with her the whole time and has blessed her efforts for those children overseas who have absolutely nothing.  The shoe boxes that these children receive are worth more than a month's income of their parents.  Can you imagine that?  A simple shoebox filled to the brim with a variety of items to include toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils, paper, stuffed animals, and toys is worth more than a month of the family income?? 

  So there you go.  A mission to put together 100 Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I can do it.  And by that, I mean I can facilitate the project with God's help. 

  •  I will ask God to lead me and direct me in this project.
  •   I will talk about it to my church family  and ask for them to help. 
  • I will ask my facebook friends and family to participate and help. 
  • I will ask my blog friends to help and participate.  

What is your experience with Operation Christmas Child?  Have you had the opportunity to put together a shoebox?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Louise @eliminatedebt said...

good on you! I think its a great idea and often an ambitous target like 100 boxes can be more motivating as it's harder to reach.
It will be great to read along, perhaps you could put a donation button up for readers?

Cindy said...

I think this is soooo wonderful!!! I will pray that you complete the 100 boxes! We have no money and last year we did 200 boxes! We make all kinds of things to put in the boxes that cost no money just use of recyclable materials! We will pray for you to accomplish this as you can do anything with GOD! Tell everybody you know that you are doing this and you and you will find lots of help!

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Lena @ WhatMommyDoes said...

I love the Samaritan's Purse! Good luck on your mission. Yes, I second Louise's suggestion below. I am going to put together a few boxes of my own this winter, but I would also be willing to donate toward your goal.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Lena! Thanks for your support! You rock!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks for your support and encouragement Louise. :)

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Cindy! The support has been wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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