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Sunday Afternoon, planning for next week

 After a busy morning at church, It is almost a given that Sunday afternoon will include a quiet and peaceful Sunday afternoon nap.  This time of the week is the winding down of a busy week and time to mentally prepare for the week ahead.
movie theater sign in Celebration

Last week included  a visit with family and friends.  Wednesday I had the opportunity to have lunch with a second cousin that I have never met before.  She is moving to Orlando to get her Master's in education at the University of Central Florida.   Maddy is from Wisconsin but has lived in Florida and works at Animal Kingdom as a  driver/narrator and talks about the animals. I was in Celebration on Wednesday (work related) so we met up for lunch and had Sushi at a restaurant in downtown Celebration.  It was nice to meet Maddy and catch up on what her side of the family was up to.

That evening, I was invited to a friend's house for a Girls Night Out get together.  I have known this friend since I was 10.  We were in elementary school together ( for both fifth and sixth grade) and we went to Junior High together as well as High School. 
Junior High Volley Ball I am holding ball, Loretta in behind me (my left shoulder) with long brown hair.
  I have not seen Loretta since we graduated High School some 34 years ago.  And you know,  we spent some time catching up and after that it was like we were back in high school and no time had passed at all.  We had a great time, I was able to meet some of her friends, we played games and talked the night away.  I cannot wait until we can do it again!

This week coming up,    I will be more conscious of my spending.  For the last several months, that definitely has not been the case.  But it is time to get back on track, (once I decide what that track should be) and monitor my cash flow more carefully.   The credit card debt is still hanging around and has fluctuated from as high as $14,000 to as low as $7500,00.    Today it sits somewhere in the middle at about $10,000.

After this chaotic, no job, tons of family drama  kind of year, I think the debt could be so much worse.  Secretly I would love to cut this debt in HALF by the end of the year.  But that is all I will say about that.  I don't need Murphy to step in and start trying to make it interesting AND expensive.

I still stay busy with my ebay store  and sales have been pretty steady.  I love to hit up the thrift stores and search for treasures to sell.  When I am on the road at my new job, (mobile Ultrasound) I have the opportunity to go to different thrift stores which is a nice perk!

This week coming up I am challenging myself to only eat out twice.  This is an area that definitely needs work, and it is one small step to better budgeting and money management.  I will let you know how it goes!

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Lena Shannon said...

Great plans!! Good luck on your goals!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Lena!