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Goals For This Week

  Tomorrow is a day off from my job, but I still have lots to do around the house.  It is an endless job of lists of things to do.  Here are my plans for getting things done this week: 

Around the House Goals

Princess will keep me on track :)
- laundry

- finish hanging up decor in computer room

- move listed items to back shed

- check out Craiglist for bedroom furniture spare room

- finish up grocery
 shopping ( things I forgot to get)

Personal Goals

- coffee/Bible time every morning

- plan date night with husband, movie night tomorrow.

- walk 3-4 miles this week

Business Goals

- list 20-30 items this week
-work on a month of receipts

What is on you list of things to do for this week?  

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Allison said...

I know you will get everything done! Have a good ay off.

Lance@MoneyLife&More said...

I have a few blog things to tidy up as well as some items around the house so that we can have a relaxing weekend! YAY for weekends!