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Grocery Spending for This Week

My grocery spending this week is a little high, but I say that every week.  For just two people, we do spend a lot of money on groceries.  

These will be used in Banana Bread

Publix:  $78.00  (every week we spend at least $15.00 on PowerAde for hubs, it helps him  with the heat that we experience here in Florida)
Aldi:     $81.00

The plus side is that we are both packing our lunches, and we have only ate out once this week.  And we had a gift card to minimize the cost of the meal out.  Groceries are not cheap. 

Off to work!  It is such a nice feeling to be able to say that :)


kim said...

I have a lot of black bananas in the fridge, I think I might just be inspired to use them.

CentsToSave said...

banana bread is a great way to NOT waste the bananas!