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Spending Report :September 2012 week 2

Week two of keeping track of the money has gone pretty well. Week 1   was pretty uneventful except when I noticed that my Monthly budget did not have the Auto Insurance listed.  For the love of Pete!!  I am not going to be too hard on myself, budgets need to be flexible and so do I. 

Monday:   Gas  52.00
                   Eat Out:  35.00

Tuesday:  Grocery:  47.00

Wednesday: Hair Cut  30.00

Thursday:  Gas:  59.00

Friday:  Starbucks:  for a friend an myself  8.00

Saturday:  Clothing:  80.00
                    Nails:         30.00
                    Eating Out:  30.00

Operation Christmas Child       10.00

The grocery category is currently  at  314.00  I did budget 600.00 for the month ( and yes that is high).  We both took our lunches to work again this week.  The eating out category  is inching its way up.  Right now  we have spent about 84.00 on eating out. Will have to keep an eye on that.  We budgeted 200.00

Gas  is a necessary expense.  I budgeted 500.00 for the month and so far we have spent 353.00 this month.  Unfortunately we both live about 25 to 35 miles from our jobs, but on the plus side, we at least both have jobs :)

For personal spending, I have gone over the set amount.  I budgeted 100.00 and I currently have spent 140.00 .

There have been some other positive things going on with out budget, and I will post about that when the dust settles and all the numbers come together.  

How was your week?  Did you stay on course with your budget or do you have to make adjustments?  


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nomorespending said...

We had a 'spendy' week!

Lance@MoneyLife&More said...

My week was pretty normal. No unusual expenditures and stayed on budget for the month.

CentsToSave said...

That is great Lance! Hope next week goes well too!

CentsToSave said...

Hi Laura, Hope this coming week is much better for you!

Lena Shannon said...

You are doing great. Gas is getting so expensive though! With everything that's going on right now we didn't spend much last week but ate out more than we planned.