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Spending Report: September 2012 Week 4

It is hard to believe that September is almost over.  Time just flies!  Keeping track of our weekly spending habits has been fairly successful.    Looking back on Week Three,  there were some large and noticeable purchases related to gas and groceries.  And this week is NOT much better.  I have got to make improvements in the Grocery category. Gas is always going to be high.  I just don't think I realized how much we actually spent on gas. Sheesh...
 Sunday:  Eat Out  21.00

Monday:   No Spend

Tuesday:  4.00 Coffee ( Yep, Starbucks)

Wednesday: Gas: 52.00

Thursday:  Gas:  58.00  
                           4.00 Starbucks

Friday:  Grocery:  65.00 ( This was primarily milk, bread, beer and wine. )  
Take out Pizza  5.00

Saturday:  Grocery : 57.00
Operation Christmas Child       20.00

The grocery category is maxed out at 625.00 I did budget 600.00 for the month ( and yes that is high) and we still went over budget.  Have to make some changes in that category.  We both took our lunches to work again this week.   We did eat out twice last week, 110.00 total was spent for the month.   We budgeted 200.00 .True confessions... I have spent some of that eating out money on Operation Christmas Child. 

Gas  is a necessary expense.  I budgeted 500.00 for the month and so far we have spent 538.0 this month.  We definitely exceeded our budget.  I just don't think there is much we can do about it.   Unfortunately we both live about 25 to 35 miles from our jobs, but on the plus side, we at least both have jobs :)

For personal spending, I have gone over the set amount.  I budgeted 100.00 and I currently have spent 140.00 .

How was your week?  Did you stay on course with your budget or do you have to make adjustments?  

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