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Getting Away This Weekend

This is the week that I took time off from work so that I could take my mom to Wisconsin to visit family. She decided against the idea as my day's health is rapidly declining and she wants to stay close by. Dad is no longer able to walk by himself and is now in adult diapers. It is sad, but I admire my mom's strength and ability to take care of him at home.

She has help, she hired a home health care aide to stay with dad several times a week so mom can get out and run a few errands. She was recently approved to drive again so she is definitely enjoying her independence as much as she can.

My husband and I are planning to just get away for a couple of days. We are both off   Friday and Will be heading for the beach. I don't know yet if it will be east coast ( Daytona) or west coast ( Clearwater). All I know is that we are going! We have no set plans, we will just wander a bit and see where it takes us.
We will most likely be staying at a Marriott, and will use our points to pay for the room. Most of the time we can stay at a facility that has free breakfast, lunch is usually a snack and then we will eat dinner out.

I am looking forward to just getting away from the house and doing nothing for a day or two.

Now are your plans shaping for this weekend?


Live and Learn said...

We are experiencing a similar situation with my parents except that we are far away. I don't know what's harder--being in the middle of it every day or not being close enough to do much help. Enjoy your time away. You need it.

CentsToSave said...

I expect both situations are just as difficult but for the obvious different reasons. The break was a much needed reprieve from everything!